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Embody Keys | Moments in Practice

Embody Keys | Moments in Practice

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The Embody Keys support a profound depth of conscious embodiment in multiple modes of practice - breath, mobility, strength, grace, all within integrated awareness. We return to our innate capacities in function, creative variation, insight, healing, and mastery of discernment and release.

The Keys invite us to return to our inherent evolutionary lineage of natural movement and spatial awareness within human geometries, driven by exploration, adaptation, and play. We remember what life feels like - absolutely intra-relational and interconnected. We are complex yet fluid, wild and intelligent - we are, all at once, primal, elemental, supple, and strong.

It's not a practice we do as much as it is what we become. We are, by nature, propelling the human race to a global realignment within Source, Earth, and the Cosmos.

in bone and breath

Imagine immersing yourself into primal yet familiar human shapes - a crouch, a lunge, or a squat. You begin to move rhythmically, exploring the possibilities, cultivating a sense of curiosity and wonder. You engage the movement, calling into tonal presence every fiber of your being while, simultaneously, you are experiencing profound spaciousness. You are recalling in your cells how it feels to know and express your inner wild and conscious animal. You begin to reorient yourself in core, in gravity, in bone and breath.

video channels

Below you will find video resources in support of your personal practice. There are currently four channels - Shape Keys, Groundwork Phrases, Core Phrases, and Embody Keys Classes.


The Shape Keys channel introduces the baseline geometries of the seven Shapes, and the first powerful, rhythmical movements within them. This channel is currently free to watch.


The Groundwork Phrases are translations of intuited, sequential moving meditations through the seven Shapes Keys that I sometimes call Groundwork or Earth Dancing.

The Core Phrases are are intuitively crafted to support core strength throughout the entire body. They are deep rhythmical sequences that light up your gravity center and organize your conscious animal.

The Embody Keys Classes are 28 full-length class recordings, captured via Zoom from December of 2020 through July of 2021. They are typically an hour and fifteen to an hour and a half in length. The experience is deep and progressive, with phrases guided at the end of each class.

shape keys